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For the longest time, I have desired to create a website to share information with family and friends. More importantly, I wanted a place where they could share back. I wanted a common area where we could all post messages and pictures, and keep each other up to date on what is going on in each other's lives. So, finally.. after years of trying to "get around" to doing that, in so many different ways, I have finally decided to just put a forum out here, foster it with love, encourage friends and family to it, and hope it blossoms into something we can all truly enjoy. It will be the center focus of my website for now on. Through it, we can post pictures, contact information, stories, and just chat with one another. I'm looking forward to it growing and for everyone to become involved.

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I've finally gotten around to starting a blog. Anita and I are both updating it with posts and I think it is going to turn into something really fun and neat. I think it will serve as a great place for storing memories and sharing with everyone else. Check it out!